B.I.G.R.A.T. cutaway
Move the pointer over the numbers in the drawing to access the legend
Tap a circle to access the legend – tap anywhere else to cancel
Input recording spool cabinet
Radio receiver with leads from roof antenna and external mike
Master switchgear operated from control room
Overload re-routing units
Plasma-surge damper
Vacuum pump
Power distribution box
Feedback correction channels
Super-cooled insulated chamber
Master memorybank
Access gangway
Helium pump refrigeration unit
Sliding panel – cover retracted
Multitrack tape
Impulse magnifier
Tape store and drive motor
Electro-encephaloid (picks up finalised impulses for conveyance to Trap)
Manual switchgear
Duplicated underfloor cables to Rat Trap electrodes

Technical specifications originally appeared in Joe 90 1969 annual

the B.I.G. R.A.T.
Technical Specifications
name: B.I.G.R.A.T. (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer)
description: A sliding panel in professor McClaine's study holds the secret of the old Tudor cottage at Culver Bay, Dorset. Behind the panel is an elevator leading down to professor McClaine's laboratory which houses his most prized invention – the big rat!
designer: Bob Bell