cloudbase cutaway drawing
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Helicopter landing platform
Observation tube
Control tower
Main flight deck
Spectrafan – lifts hydraulically
for landing of Angel craft
Angel flight deck
Escalators in tower support-arms provide access to main body via a covered catwalk
at the rear of the main engines and further escalator to the motor support brackets
Motor support brackets containing passageways and service ducts, &c.
Nacelle containing twin stabilizer jets
Electrically driven fan complex plus huge twin jets in
the main nacelles provide the hovering downdraft
The two jets can be used with the down deflectors
cut out, to drive the base to a new position
The vast area under the flight deck is used for a variety of purposes, including
maintenance, crews quarters, games and cinema, and hangars and workshops
for servicing other than Angelcraft, and a hospital
Lower deck contains engine rooms, main and auxiliary, stores and repair facilities
Giant tubes beneath the deck contain fuel and water supplies
Slung beneath these is the atomic generating plant
Refrigeration unit
Intakes and outlets of air conditioning system
Vent for expulsion of wastes
Angel craft service bay
Lift to carry craft from flight deck to bay
Angel craft ready for take off
Catapult system
Amber room where Angel pilots stand by
Lift carries Angels up and into their aircraft

Technical specifications originally published in TV21 #158

Technical Specifications
name: Cloudbase
length: 630 ft.
width: 330 ft.
height above sealevel: 40,000 ft.
propulsion: atomic jets powered by air intake hacelle jet cloud-conversion engines
location: variable
crew: 600
armaments: defence strike craft; eiectron ray dischar'ge anti-aircraft missile guns air-to-air missiles i hyprosanic paralysing cannons
description: Cloudbase. Heart of Spectrum. Headquarters of the new and most efficient security force in the World. Here the hard core of this massive organisation lives – constantly on the alert for a call to danger that may send them to the farthest corner of the world. Here Colonel White, with a massive complex of computers and video-scanners, watches the Earth, and within seconds, he can mobilise teams of skilled and daring men and women and direct them to any spot on the globe where danger or trouble threatens. Cloudbase itself, a masterpiece of functional design and technological complexity, hovers 40,000 feet up in the sky, location unknown, watching and waiting, forever guarding the Earth.
designer: Derek Meddings