Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons

Dinky Toy models

Captain Scarlet Dinky Toys
Captain Scarlet's 'Terrific Trio'
the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Maximum Security Vehicle and Patrol Car
Captain Scarlet Dinky Toys
A page from an early Dinky Toys catalogue,
advertising the three models pictured above
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle Dinky Toy Maximum Security Vehicle Dinky Toy Spectrum Patrol Car Dinky Toy
Collector copies, complete with box and parafernalia
Captain Scarlet Dinky Toys
A page from a later catalogue
The SPV featured movable antennae, movable chair with figurine, movable caterpillar tracks and a rocket launcher, the MSV carried two crates with 'radioactive isotopes' while the SPC emitted a keening noise when pushed down and forward