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series 1

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Barrats card 1 Barrats card back
No. 1
jeff tracy
Jeff Tracy is the founder of International Rescue and the father of the five Tracy boys who man the Thunderbird machines. He is an ex–astronaut and was the first space man to land on the moon.
Barrats card 2 Barrats card back
No. 2
scott tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 1, Scott is the eldest of the Tracy sons and is second in command in the International Rescue Organisation. Aged twenty–six, he was educated at Yale University and won many decorations as pilot in the air corps.
Barrats card 3 Barrats card back
No. 3
virgil tracy
Virgil Tracy is the most serious of the organisation personnel and it is his job to pilot Thunderbird Two. He also has to man many of the Rescue Machines carried to a disaster so he is very technically minded and extremely brave.
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