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series 1

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Barrats card 1 Barrats card back
No. 1
jeff tracy
Jeff Tracy is the founder of International Rescue and the father of the five Tracy boys who man the Thunderbird machines. He is an ex–astronaut and was the first space man to land on the moon.
Barrats card 2 Barrats card back
No. 2
scott tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 1, Scott is the eldest of the Tracy sons and is second in command in the International Rescue Organisation. Aged twenty–six, he was educated at Yale University and won many decorations as pilot in the air corps.
Barrats card 3 Barrats card back
No. 3
virgil tracy
Virgil Tracy is the most serious of the organisation personnel and it is his job to pilot Thunderbird Two. He also has to man many of the Rescue Machines carried to a disaster so he is very technically minded and extremely brave.
Barrats card 4 Barrats card back
No. 4
gordon tracy
Gordon, the red–head of the Tracy family is the aquanaut in charge of Thunderbird Four. An ex–member in the Submarine Service and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, Gordon is an expert on oceanography and underwater swimming techniques.
Barrats card 5 Barrats card back
No. 5
alan tracy
Baby faced, blonde Alan Tracy is the astronaut in charge of Thunderbird 3. He has been to the moon many times and shares terms of monthly duty in the International Rescue Space Station with his brother John.
Barrats card 6 Barrats card back
No. 6
john tracy
John Tracy is ihe dreamer of the family and spends much of his time in Thunderbird 5, the Space Station. His favourite pastime is to study astronomy and he is the quietest of the brothers,
Barrats card 7 Barrats card back
No. 7
tin tin
Tin Tin is the daughter of Kyrano, Jeff Tracy's manservant. Educated in America and Europe she is the engineering and electronics expert who helps to service all the Thunderbird machines.
Barrats card 8 Barrats card back
No. 8
Brains is the vital member of the International Rescue team. A young genius, he is the master mind behind all the Thunderbird machines. He is very serious — often absent–minded — and is never satisfied with the inventions he produces.
Barrats card 9 Barrats card back
No. 9
Jeff Tracy's mother, Grandma is as shrewd and deep as her son. No–one ever knows what she will do next and she keeps a very careful eye on all the boys, making sure they don't get up to mischief.
Barrats card 10 Barrats card back
No. 10
Kyrano is the faithful friend and manservant of Jeff Tracy. He has known his master for many years and there is nothing he wouldn't do for the Tracy household. Of Malayan and Eurasian origin, Kyrano is kindly and intelligent.
Barrats card 11 Barrats card back
No. 11
lady penelope
Lady Penelope Creighton–Ward is the English agent for International Rescue. Operating from her stately home, her ladyship appears to be one of the idle rich, but to all enemies of world peace she is elegant, charming and deadly dangerous.
Barrats card 12 Barrats card back
No. 12
An ex–safe breaker, the Nose Parker is Lady Penelope's cockney butler and chauffeur. His questionable talents often come in useful when Lady Penelope is working on a case and he is never far away when there is any fighting to be done.
Barrats card 13 Barrats card back
No. 13
the hood
The arch villain of the world, the Hood is so named because of his many disguises. He is the half brother of Kyrano and is able to exert a strange power over him to gain information on International Rescue.
Barrats card 14 Barrats card back
No. 14
thunderbird 1
Thunderbird 1 is designed to get to danger zones as quickly as possible. It flies at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour and is 115 feet long and has a wing span of 80 feet. Most of it's length is devoted to engine and fuel tanks.
Barrats card 15 Barrats card back
No. 15
thunderbird 2
250 feet long with a wing span of 180 feet, Thunderbird 2 is the enormous heavy rescue vehicle of International Rescue. It flies at speeds in excess of 2,000 miles per hour. Because of this comparatively low speed it carries interceptor missiles for defence.
Barrats card 16 Barrats card back
No. 16
thunderbird 3
International Rescue's space vehicle Thunderbird 3 is 200 feet in length. It has sleeping quarters, a rest room and the main control cabin. It requires a crew of two and Scott Tracy usually joins Alan at the controls.
Barrats card 17 Barrats card back
No. 17
thunderbird 5
Remaining on a fixed orbit around the Earth, Thunderbird 5 is the organisation's Space Station. Inside is packed the most sophisticated computer and radio equipment which keeps International Rescue in touch with world events.
Barrats card 18 Barrats card back
No. 18
thunderbird 4
Carried to any danger zone by Thunderbird 2, this ocean going craft is extremely fast and more advanced than any other water vessel. 30 feet in length, Thunderbird 4 has powerful searchlights and carries revolutionary machine guns for defence.
Barrats card 19 Barrats card back
No. 19
lady penelope's
Fab One, like Lady Penelope, is not as innocent as it looks. Its sleek lines conceal built–in machine guns, smoke screen, oil slip jets and many other deadly weapons which appear at the touch of a button.
Barrats card 20 Barrats card back
No. 20
Main civil aircraft is the Mach 4 atomic powered Fireflash airliner. The Firefiash carries 600 passengers and cruises at 2,800 miles per hour, covering the distance from London to New York in an hour and forty–five minutes.
Barrats card 21 Barrats card back
No. 21
the mole
Apart from the main Thunderbird craft, International Rescue has built many other fantastic machines to aid them in their rescue attempts. The Mole, an earth burrowing vehicle is used to bore down to any danger zone beneath the ground.
Barrats card 22 Barrats card back
No. 22
skymaster helicopter
Powered by two Rolls–Royce Zeus engines, this transporter has a speed of 800 miles per hour. The Skymaster is made in many versions such as the Heralles 4, the flying crane, and the Beetle B, capable of mass evacuation from trouble zones.
Barrats card 23 Barrats card back
No. 23
jeff tracy's house
With its exotic swimming pool, the house is the main centre of International Rescue operations. It contains a games room, a shooting gallery, and many other recreational apartments for the Tracy family members when they are off duty.
Barrats card 24 Barrats card back
No. 24
jeff tracy's lounge
Luxuriously fitted, the lounge appears to be the innocent room of a millionaire. But behind the walls, beneath the floor, above the ceiling, are the gadgets and concealed electronics which provide operations base of International Rescue.
Barrats card 25 Barrats card back
No. 25
the roundhouse
Revolutionary in design, the Roundhouse contains the main power and supply plants for the International Rescue Organisation. From the outside, like all the Thunderbird installations, this building reveals nothing of its true function.
Barrats card 26 Barrats card back
No. 26
thunderbird 1 hangar
Thunderbird 1 is housed in a vast underground hangar below Jeff Tracy's house. On a call to action, the great machine travels down an inclined ramp until it stands beneath the swimming pool The entire system is completely soundproof.
Barrats card 27 Barrats card back
No. 27
thunderbird 2 hangar
Ibunderbird 2 occupies a giant hangar built into a cliff face. The rock–faced doors are beneath a modernistic house which juts from the cliff face on enormous preformed concrete brackets. When the doors are opened the craft has a clear run onto the roadway outside.
Barrats card 28 Barrats card back
No. 28
thunderbird 5
The inside of Thunderbird 5s control centre is a maze of radio and television monitors and computers which receive every call transmitted on Earth. Automatically, messages of disaster are sifted and translated before being brought to the attention of the controller.
Barrats card 29 Barrats card back
No. 29
thunderbird 3 hangar
The International Rescue Space Ship is kept in an underground bunker below the round house. For security reasons all the Thunderbird machines are in emplacements that have been cunningly concealed. From the air, these hangars are not visible.
Barrats card 30 Barrats card back
No. 30
lady penelope's
stately home
Situated in the quiet countryside of England, the Creighton–Ward mansion bristles with electronic and mechanical devices which remain hidden until Lady Penelope touches a button or a switch. Countless day trippers visit the mansion, unaware of its concealed equipment.
Barrats card 31 Barrats card back
No. 31
lady penelope's
drawing room
Comfortable and fitted with the most elegant furnishings, the mansion's drawing room is where Lady Penelope receives her guests. Beneath the vast carpet is a floor safe more impregnable than the vault of the Bank of England and behind the wall panels, T.V monitors and radio consoles are hidden.
Barrats card 32 Barrats card back
No. 32
the asian temple
A strange, mysterious building somewhere in the Malayan jungle, the Asian Temple is the home and operations base of the Hood. Hardly visible from the air and only approached by one path through the jungle, the Temple is completely isolated.
Barrats card 33 Barrats card back
No. 33
the pods
The heavy duty equipment used by International Rescue is housed in the six pods which complete the fuselage of Thunderbird 2. When a pod is selected it is placed, by means of a conveyor belt, beneath the great aircraft. Then Thunderbird 2 lowers around the pod and is ready for take–off.
Barrats card 34 Barrats card back
No. 34
launch of
thunderbird 1
Once the pilot is aboard and Thunderbird One has moved down the ramp, the swimming pool basin slides to one side under the patio leaving a large hole in the ground. Thunderbird One's motors are fired and the craft emerges from its underground launch pad vertically.
Barrats card 35 Barrats card back
No. 35
launch of
thunderbird 2
Thunderbird Two taxis from its hangar onto the approach road. Then the palm trees angle outwards to allow clearance for the aircraft's wings. A section of the road breaks fore and aft and rises to form an inclined ramp. Behind, a baffle block hinges up to absorb the tremendous thrust of the aircraft's engine.
Barrats card 36 Barrats card back
No. 36
launch of
thunderbird 3
When the mobile seat, carrying Thunderbird 3's astronauts, reaches a point directly beneath the rocket's tail, a hydraulic arm hoists the seat into the ship until it emerges in the rest room. The command astronaut then takes the elevator to the control cabin and the space vehicle lifts off, coming up through the centre of the Round House.
Barrats card 37 Barrats card back
No. 37
launch of
thunderbird 4
When Thunderbird 4 nears a rescue zone, having been transported there in Pod 4, Thunderbird 2 descends vertically until it almost touches the water. Then it releases the pod which floats on the surface and the door opens to allow Thunderbird 4 to travel down the launch rails on the door into the water.
Barrats card 38 Barrats card back
No. 38
thunderbird 1
nose cone
The control centre of Thunderbird One is small and compact. Bank upon bank of radio equipment lines the cabin and devices such as the automatic camera detector and the ultra sonic violet ray far wiping exposing renegade fllm are housed here. The control seat alters its attitude to correspond with pitch and roll of aircraft.
Barrats card 39 Barrats card back
No. 39
thunderbird 2
control cabin
Like the rest of the aircraft, the control cabin of Thunderbird 2 is large. As many as five people can sit comfortably behind the control seat usually occupied by Virgil Tracy. Every conceivable aid to navigation and flight control is at the finger tips of the pilot.
Barrats card 40 Barrats card back
No. 40
inside the rolls–royce
Typical Rolls–Royce luxury is obvious inside FAB One, but other refinements have been added. The centre, pull down arm rests of back seat have retractable handcuffs and chest band to secure prisoners and around the centrally placed driving wheel are the controls which operate rear view T.V. camera screen, automatic ramps and other devices.
Barrats card 41 Barrats card back
No. 41
the jumping jack
A vertical take off troup carrier, the Jumping Jack has four engines which produce 64,000 pounds of thrust which lifts the craft at one hundred miles an hour. It is capable of transporting 130 fully armed combat troops at a speed of over 1,000 m.p.h.
Barrats card 42 Barrats card back
No. 42
inside the asian temple
The centre of the temple comprises a vast lofty hall with sinister, eerie lighting. At the end of the hall stands the veiled statue of Kyrano surrounded by its fiery torches. It is through this statue that the Hood communicates with Kyrano.
Barrats card 43 Barrats card back
No. 43
the cliff house
The Cliff House has been cut deep into the cliff face to provide camouflage for the hangar of Thunderbird 2. Normally unoccupied it is used as a fuel store and control centre for the heavy duty aircraft. But it is fully furnished and fitted as a residence.
Barrats card 44 Barrats card back
No. 44
the portraits
Six portraits line Jeff Tracy's lounge wall. Five are placed together — these are the paintings of the Tracy brothers. The other picture depicts Lady Penelope. When any of the International Rescue operators report, these paintings change to live T.V. images.
Barrats card 45 Barrats card back
No. 45
method of boarding
thunderbird 3
To board Thunderbird 3, the astronauts sit on the couch in the Tracy lounge. At the touch of a button the couch lowers into a tunnel system and is transported to the base of the rocket. Meanwhile, an identical couch replaces that occupied by the astronauts.
Barrats card 46 Barrats card back
No. 46
method of boarding
thunderbird 2
ln the Tracy lounge a large painting of a space ship is the concealed entrance to the Thunderbird 2 hangar. The pilot stands with his back to picture which rotates until his head is lower than his feet. Then, by a series of chutes, he proceeds down a retractable tunnel until he enters a hatch in the top of the aircraft.
Barrats card 47 Barrats card back
No. 47
method of boarding
thunderbird 1
To board Thunderbird 1, the pilot grips two wall lamps in the Tracy lounge. A section of the wall revolves on a central pivot and the pilot is then transported to the nose cone by means of a moving floorway.
Barrats card 48 Barrats card back
No. 48
remote television
Thunderbird One carries a remote control television camera in the form of a miniature aircraft. This device flies out of a hatch on top of the nose cone and is used to survey areas which are beyond the sight of the Thunderbird I pilot.
Barrats card 49 Barrats card back
No. 49
the laboratory
The laboratory is the domain of Brains and Tin Tin. Situated in the walls of the Thunderbird 2 hangar, the room is fitted with the most up–to–date equipment and contains other devices invented by Brains which any scientist would be proud to use.
Barrats card 50 Barrats card back
No. 50
tracy island
ln the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the island, home of Jeff Tracy and his family, and headquarters of the International Rescue Organisation, is completely private and uncontrolled by any country. From a distance it appears to be a millionaire's paradise.
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