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series 2

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Barrats card 1 Barrats card back
No. 1
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 4 with Gor­don at the controls. This is the under­water craft of the Inter­natio­nal Rescue and is usually car­ried to and from the trouble zones aboard the vast frei­ghter craft, Thunder­bird 2. Here we see the craft riding smoothly on the surface of the sea. Note the unusual design of the craft.
Barrats card 2 Barrats card back
No. 2
A Second Series of 50
Virgil, pilot of Thunder­bird 2, is here seen at the controls of one of the ele­vator cars which are containied in one of the freight pods. This is the mas­ter car from which Virgil can control a string of these ve­hicles by re­mote control. You may remember how effectively these vehicles were used to bring Air Terrainean's super "Fireflash" airliner to a safe landing.
Barrats card 3 Barrats card back
No. 3
A Second Series of 50
The Stately Home of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward seen in all its splendour. It is set in a delightfully beautiful spot in the English country­side. To all outward appear­ances this is a perfectly nor­mal stately home, but, as you all know, this particular house contains the British headquar­ters of the famed Internatio­nal Rescue team.
Barrats card 4 Barrats card back
No. 4
A Second Series of 50
John Tracy, controller of space monitor Thunder­bird 5. John's is a lonely life but a rewarding one. His function is to monitor all radio signals passing through the atmo­sphere so that International Res­cue know there is anyone in danger. Brains has built special taperecor­ding equip­ment which automatically translates foreign language trans­missions into English.
Barrats card 5 Barrats card back
No. 5
A Second Series of 50
The Tracy brothers do occasio­nally find time to relax and Jeff Tracy sees to it they all get frequent spells of leave to keep them fit and active. Here we see Alan Tracy in an off duty shot. He is dri­ving his pride and joy, a really powerful sports car. In common with his bro­thers, Alan is a very en­thusiastic amateur sports­man.
Barrats card 6 Barrats card back
No. 6
A Second Series of 50
Kyrano is the faithful ser­vant of the Tracy house­hold. How­ever he is more of a friend than a servant. He is comple­tely unaware of the fact that his evil brother, Hood, has a powerful hold over his subcon­scious mind and can will him to reveal all he knows about the Inter­national Rescue setup. However, Kyrano's know­ledge is mainly untech­nical.
Barrats card 7 Barrats card back
No. 7
A Second Series of 50
Here is Hood, the evil brother of Kyrano, who has sworn to learn the secrets of Interna­tional Rescue so that he can sell them to the highest bid­der. So far all his attempts have ended in failure, thanks to the magnificent detection equip­ment aboard the Thunderbirds craft. But still Hood perse­veres in using his bro­ther's subcon­cious mind.
Barrats card 8 Barrats card back
No. 8
A Second Series of 50
This is the beautiful Tin­Tin, daughter of Kyrano and scientist in her own right. Tin-Tin is an elec­tronics expert and works closely with Brains in his task of keeping the Inter­national Rescue organisa­tion ahead of the univer­se. Tin-Tin occasionally goes out on rescue missi­ons but her main task is to remain at headquarters.
Barrats card 9 Barrats card back
No. 9
A Second Series of 50
International Resuce swings into action. Here we see Scott Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 1, directing a rescue operation from his mobile control con­sole. This particular rescue took place at London Air­port and involved arran­ging a safe landing for a nuclear-powered airliner with a bomb fixed to the landing gear.
Barrats card 10 Barrats card back
No. 10
A Second Series of 50
Jeff Tracy, father of the Tracy brothers and head of Interna­tional Rescue, sits at the desk from which he controls all ope­rations. At the flick of a switch this section of the Tracy lounge changes from control centre to in­nocent looking writing desk and vice versa. Jeff Tracy remains at this desk from start to finish of any rescue operation.
Barrats card 11 Barrats card back
No. 11
A Second Series of 50
The gigantic Thunderbird 2 craft prepares to unload rescue equipment from one of its pods. This craft is 250 feet long, has a wing span of 180 feet and stands 60 feet high. It flies at a maximum speed of 5,000 miles per hour. The pilot is, of course, Virgil Tracy and it is his task to ensure that the correct equipment is safely deli­vered to each parti­cular rescue.
Barrats card 12 Barrats card back
No. 12
A Second Series of 50
Scott Tracy, pilot of Thunder­bird 1. His job is to speed to the scene of the rescue ope­ration, set up his control centre and estimate the re­quire­ments. It is also part of his responsibility to ensure maximum security pre­cau­tions at all times when the Thunderbird craft are in action. Scott has to do some pretty fast thinking most times.
Barrats card 13 Barrats card back
No. 13
A Second Series of 50
Another shot of Scott Tracy, pilot of Thunder­bird 1. This time we see him in the control cabin of his ultra fast craft. It looks like he is sizing up the situation prior to cal­ling in Virgil and Thun­derbird 2 with the heavy rescue equipment. Scott maintains constant link with base, Thunderbird 5 and other personnel invol­ved in a rescue.
Barrats card 14 Barrats card back
No. 14
A Second Series of 50
This is Jeff Tracy, former topline U.S. astronaut, and the man behind In­ternational Rescue. He is, off course, extremely wealthy and uses his mo­ney to run International Rescue's entire program­me. He has named his five sons after five of the first American Astronauts in tribute to the pioneering work done by these men.
Barrats card 15 Barrats card back
No. 15
A Second Series of 50
Gordon and Alan are seen relaxing in the lounge of the Tracy island home. Notice the oriental touch to the deco­rations. This coupled with the fact that the faithful family ser­vant Kyrano is an orien­tal point to the fact that Jeff Tracy has had a lot of contact with the East and probably explains his choice of location for the island home.
Barrats card 16 Barrats card back
No. 16
A Second Series of 50
The young genius behind the International Rescue Thun­derbird machines is Brains, pictured here at work in his laboratory. Brains is con­stantly working on improve­ments for the Thunder­bird craft and has close co-ope­ration with Tin-Tin who specialises in the elec­tronics field. Brains' inge­nuity has frequently hel­ped the Tracy brothers out of tight spots.
Barrats card 17 Barrats card back
No. 17
A Second Series of 50
Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward relaxes in her dra­wing room and enjoys a cup of Parker's fab tea. Regular followers of Thun­derbirds will know the se­cret of that distinctive teapot held so elegantly by her lady­ship. It has, of course, a built in trans­mitter/receiver in direct contact with Internatio­nal Rescue headquarters.
Barrats card 18 Barrats card back
No. 18
A Second Series of 50
Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward catches up on her reading while taking her leisure in the summer house which adorns a delightful corner of the vast garden of her stately home. This section is usu­ally kept closed to the coachloads of sightseers who flood in every week­end throughout the sum­mer months. Lady Pene­lope insists on keeping a section clear for special guests.
Barrats card 19 Barrats card back
No. 19
A Second Series of 50
Brains works rapidly on a tricky problem while two impatient and worried Tracy brothers hover in the back­ground. Judging by Virgil and Scott's faces the problem is a serious one but no doubt that fascinating young genius, Brains, will soon have the answer. Yes, he really is a most remarkable young man in all fields of science.
Barrats card 20 Barrats card back
No. 20
A Second Series of 50
Virgil Tracy, pilot of Thunder­bird 2, the gigantic freighter craft of the International Rescue fleet. In view of the nature of International Resuce 's work Virgil often has the very tricky task of manœu­vering his giant craft into almost impos­sible locations. However, such is his skill that he always masters the situa­tion when it arises.
Barrats card 21 Barrats card back
No. 21
A Second Series of 50
Another shot of the evil Hood, man of many faces. This is his real face, but it is a face rarely seen in public. The Hood's many disguises have often taken him close to the secrets of International Resuce but he has always been foiled in the end by the vigilan­ce of the members and the fantastic equipment of the team.
Barrats card 22 Barrats card back
No. 22
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 3 fires a booster rocket as it heads for yet another exciting journey into the blackness of space. This is the second biggest craft of the Inter­national Rescue fleet, measuring some 200 feet in length. The basic crew require­ment is two, and usually this means Scott accompanies Alan who is the normal pilot. There is, of course, room for extra crew if required.
Barrats card 23 Barrats card back
No. 23
A Second Series of 50
Parker the unflappable. The butler to end all butlers and the most unusual chauffeur ever. His life is devoted to atten­ding to the needs of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in her role as lady of leisure and also in her International Rescue activities. Parker has a somewhat mixed-up back­ground with a hint of shadi­ness in his past.
Barrats card 24 Barrats card back
No. 24
A Second Series of 50
Brains at work with a new "toy". This time he has developed a computerised robot which he calls Braman. In the back­ground is Jeff Tracy who seems a very interested spectator. In fact Braman played a very impor­tant role, even if by mistake, in one of the trickiest of all assignments handled by International Rescue — Operation "Sunprobe".
Barrats card 25 Barrats card back
No. 25
A Second Series of 50
Virgil is seated at the controls of Thunderbird 2, listening carefully as Brains outlines some improvements he has made to the craft's perfor­mance. Brains is constantly modifying and improving the Thunder­bird vehicles as he learns something new from each operation. And the pilots must keep right up with his work to get the best from their machines.
Barrats card 26 Barrats card back
No. 26
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 4 stands by, prepared to go into action when the time comes. Thunderbird 4 is thirty feet long and is carried to the trouble zone when required by Thunderbird 2. No speed potential is divulged but it is believed that this is one of the fastest known craft on or under the sea. It is also a highly manœuverable craft.
Barrats card 27 Barrats card back
No. 27
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 1, the spear­head craft of Internatio­nal Rescue, is piloted by Scott Tracy. Its top speed is in excess of 15,000 miles per hour. Its dimen­sions are 115 feet long, wing span 80 feet and it has a diameter of 12 feet. Although Thunderbird 1 is the reconnai­sance and control craft it has a few special tricks of its own for rescue operations.
Barrats card 28 Barrats card back
No. 28
A Second Series of 50
The gigantic space vehicle of the International Res­cue team is Thunderbird 3, piloted by Alan Tracy. Here we see it poised ready to blast off from its hangar, concealed beneath the round house. This parti­cular vehicle is 200 feet in length. Apart from space rescue opera­tions, this craft is used for the regular servicing of Thunderbird 5.
Barrats card 29 Barrats card back
No. 29
A Second Series of 50
Scott Tracy, eldest son and senior pilot of the Interna­tional Rescue team. His is the responsi­bility of reconnoi­tering and assessing the trouble at each rescue zone, and he then has to direct the operation on the spot. He invariably gets to the scene well ahead of the others because of the speed of Thunderbird 1 and prepares the ground for the rescue.
Barrats card 30 Barrats card back
No. 30
A Second Series of 50
Gordon Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 4, is pretty quiet by nature. He is usually only on call for underwater opera­tions but on occasions he joins Virgil in Thunderbird 2 or Alan in Thunderbird 3. This is because there seem to be fewer calls for under­water rescues. Gordon is a very keen athlete and particularly enjoys swim­ming and skin­diving.
Barrats card 31 Barrats card back
No. 31
A Second Series of 50
An evening out for the lovely and elegant Lady Penelope Creighton–Ward. Her ladyship is much in demand in the social whirl and though she enjoys the life of luxury her thoughts are more often than not on the more serious matters involving Interna­tional Rescue. Perhaps her evening out will involve her in yet another dramatic adven­ture.
Barrats card 32 Barrats card back
No. 32
A Second Series of 50
FAB 1, the super, super Rolls Royce owned by Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward and driven by the inimitable Parker. Out­wardly, this is simply a power­ful, futuristic car. But beneath that calm exterior is a veri­table armoury of tricks. From smoke bombs to bazookas, from booster jets to hydra­foils, you name it and FAB 1 has it.
Barrats card 33 Barrats card back
No. 33
A Second Series of 50
John Tracy, quiet and studi­ous, Controller of Thunderbird 5, the International Rescue monitor station. John can't really be classed as a pilot as his craft is in permanent orbit. He is, however, capable of taking over any of the other craft should the occasion arise during one of his spells of leave. John's is a really lonely life in space.
Barrats card 34 Barrats card back
No. 34
A Second Series of 50
Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward dressed for leisure. Her lady­ship has a fan­tastic wardrobe suitable for all occasions. She is a much respected customer at Wickfens, the world's lea­ding fashion house and has her own very definite ideas on clothes. Lady Penelope is cer­tainly one of the fashion world's trendsetters. Parker thinks her clothes are "smash­ing".
Barrats card 35 Barrats card back
No. 35
A Second Series of 50
Gordon Tracy explores the depths during one of his rescue operations. Some­where up above Thunder­birds 1 and 2 are hove­ring expectantly, con­stantly feeding infor­mation to Gordon in Thunderbird 4. Team work is a great part of the succes of the International Rescue set-up. Each man does his job and does it well, ensu­ring that his colleagues are fully informed.
Barrats card 36 Barrats card back
No. 36
A Second Series of 50
A distress signal has just been picked up by one of the moni­tor receivers aboard Thunder­bird 5. John immediately swings into action and ack­now­ledges the call. At the same time he contacts Inter­national Rescue headquarters so that they are immediately in the picture and another life­saving operation is under­way. Speed is highly essential in all rescue work.
Barrats card 37 Barrats card back
No. 37
A Second Series of 50
A touch of gracious living as the inimitable Parker poses for our photo­grapher in the doorway of Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward's stately home. A perfect setting for a per­fect butler. Well, maybe he's not so perfect, but he is certainly the ideal man to have around when there's trouble brewing. An exceptional­ly handy gentle­man is Parker when it comes to dealing with the enemy.
Barrats card 38 Barrats card back
No. 38
A Second Series of 50
An evening out in the West End for Lady Pene­lope Creighton-Ward. With jewels glittering and dressed from top to toe in the latest fashion, but exclusive models, natu­rally, she really makes a breath-taking sight. But beware villains if you are lur­king nearby. Lady Penelope can match her­self against any of you and come off best. This is no social butterfly.
Barrats card 39 Barrats card back
No. 39
A Second Series of 50
John Tracy keeps his solitary vigil somewhere in space, aboard Thunder­bird 5. Although he is lonely for actual human company in his work, John is in constant touch with hundreds of thou­sands of people through his tape machine moni­tors. He is able to hear every wireless message being broadcast through­out the world. He has to keep alert for his full working day.
Barrats card 40 Barrats card back
No. 40
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 1 at point of take-off as it rises through the swimming pool which conceals its underground hangar. This launch pro­cedure is a parti­cularly dramatic site as the mas­sive craft glides smoothly down the ramp to its lift off position beneath the pool. The pool then gently glides open to allow clea­rance for the craft.
Barrats card 41 Barrats card back
No. 41
A Second Series of 50
Virgil is seen seated at the controls of the mammoth Thunderbird 2, which is his prime responsibility. Being by far the largest of the Thunder­birds this freighter ship requires extra skillful hand­ling. Thanks to Brains the con­trols are ultra sensitive but it still requires com­plete concentration by Virgil to ensure the best results from any manœ­vre.
Barrats card 42 Barrats card back
No. 42
A Second Series of 50
Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward moves into action to deal with one of Interna­tional Rescue's enemies. In the background we can see Scott standing by in Thunderbird 1 keeping a watchful eye on the pro­ceed­ings. Judging by the glint in Lady Penelope's eye someone's in for a big dose of trouble and we cer­tainly wouldn't like to be in their shoes right now.
Barrats card 43 Barrats card back
No. 43
A Second Series of 50
"Fetch the Rolls, Parker, we've a little job to do to­night" These words have often been the start of an exciting and dangerous adventure for the British team of International Rescue, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her staunch companion, Par­ker. The heavily armed FAB 1 is seen standing outside the stately home, ready for action.
Barrats card 44 Barrats card back
No. 44
A Second Series of 50
"Over the disaster area now, father. What time can I expect Virgil and Thunderbird 2?" Yet ano­ther rescue operation is under way and Scott is already at the scene setting up the prelimi­naries for the rescue. Virgil and whoever else is required won't be very far behind and the victims are as good as safe.
Barrats card 45 Barrats card back
No. 45
A Second Series of 50
At home with the Tracy family. Brains and four of the Tracy brothers listen attentively as Jeff Tracy briefs them on a new pro­duct. The lounge of the Tracy island home makes a very attractive and comfor­table setting for conferences and there are plenty of those necessary to keep Interna­tional Rescue in touch with the latest scientific develop­ments.
Barrats card 46 Barrats card back
No. 46
A Second Series of 50
At first it is just an ordi­nary cliff face with a rather attrac­tive house built into it. And, thanks to Brains' brilliant work, even the closest in­spection would scarcely reveal the mammoth Thunderbird 2 hangar which lies beneath this innocent facade. It is a magnificent piece of engi­neering and, if made public, would be hailed as another wonder of the world.
Barrats card 47 Barrats card back
No. 47
A Second Series of 50
A striking portrait of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, complete with tiara and dia­mond studded model gown. Many of her jewels are famous heirlooms pas­sed down through genera­tions of Creighton-Wards but there's nothing old fashioned about her dress sense that's century 21 all right, down to the very last stitch.
Barrats card 48 Barrats card back
No. 48
A Second Series of 50
Another fashion outfit for Lady Penelope Creighton­Ward. This time she is all set for winter sports with a most attractive fur hat and fur trimmed anorak. She chose this outfit when she was engaged in unra­velling a mysterious plot which took place high in the Swiss alps. She really risked life and limb on that trip, one of her most dangerous to date.
Barrats card 49 Barrats card back
No. 49
A Second Series of 50
"There he goes, Parker. After him!" And another villain is about to bite the dust, as they say, when Lady Penelope, Parker, and that marvel of engi­neering, FAB 1, swing into action. Whatever the ene­my can offer in the way of attack, FAB 1 can always give back as good as it gets and better. Yes. this team can be a pretty deadly combination.
Barrats card 50 Barrats card back
No. 50
A Second Series of 50
Alan Tracy, youngest brother and pilot of Thun­derbird 3. Alan is a happy soul, not quite as mature as the other brothers. He also finds himself very attracted to the beautiful Tin-Tin — and who is to blame him! But despite his tender years, alan is a real go-getter when it comes to action. He's pulled off some pretty spec­tacular space rescues in his time.