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series 2

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Barrats card 1 Barrats card back
No. 1
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 4 with Gor­don at the controls. This is the under­water craft of the Inter­natio­nal Rescue and is usually car­ried to and from the trouble zones aboard the vast frei­ghter craft, Thunder­bird 2. Here we see the craft riding smoothly on the surface of the sea. Note the unusual design of the craft.
Barrats card 2 Barrats card back
No. 2
A Second Series of 50
Virgil, pilot of Thunder­bird 2, is here seen at the controls of one of the ele­vator cars which are containied in one of the freight pods. This is the mas­ter car from which Virgil can control a string of these ve­hicles by re­mote control. You may remember how effectively these vehicles were used to bring Air Terrainean's super "Fireflash" airliner to a safe landing.