Izawa trading cards

Izawa cards wrapper Izawa cards wrapper
Izawa card1
No. 1: Jeff Tracy, head of International Rescue
Izawa card2
No. 2: Scott Tracy ay London Airport
Izawa card3
No. 3: Thunderbird 1
Izawa card4
No. 4: Thunderbird 2
Izawa card5
No. 5: Earth drilling 'Mole' transported in Thunderbird 2
Izawa card6
No. 6: Thunderbird 3
Izawa card7
No. 7: Thunderbird 5
Izawa card8
No. 8: Tracy Island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
Izawa card9
No. 9: Brains, Scott and Virgil are planning a rescue operation
Izawa card10
No. 10: Lady Penelope who is relaxing in her room
Izawa card11
No. 11: Thunderbird 2
Izawa card12
No. 12: FAB 1, Rolls Royce owned by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Izawa card13
No. 13: Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Izawa card14
No. 14: Aloysius Parker, Lady Penelope's trusted servant
Izawa card15
No. 15: Brains, scientific genius, inventor of all International Rescue machines
Izawa card16
No. 16: The Hood, enemy of International Rescue
Izawa card17
No. 17: Brains and Scott at the laboratory
Izawa card18
No. 18: Fireflash, the world's fastest airliner
images sourced from the Catawiki website