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Somportex cards wrapper Somportex cards wrapper
Somportex card 1 Somportex card back
the thunderizer
Mainly used for blasting away at heavy obstacles, saving precious minutes when lives are at stake! A dynamic unit produces electrical dis­charges more powerful than light­ning.
Somportex card 2 Somportex card back
the firefly
Capable of piercing solid matter, often saves lives by providing instant air-holes to trapped miners, etc. Atomic neutrons are concentrated into a single cell which, when fired, desintegrates solid matter.
Somportex card 3 Somportex card back
ornamental garden
This beautiful garden arbour lies se­cluded in the grounds of the mag­nificent stately home of Lady Pene­lope Creighton-Ward and pro­vides a welcome retreat.
Somportex card 4 Somportex card back
Submerged in the mysterious murky depths of the Pacific Ocean, the nuclear powered submarine WN 1 is used by the Hood for spying on International Rescue.
Somportex card 5 Somportex card back
laser ray
The mobile laser ray I.R.3. unit uses concentrated sun-rays to penetrate the hardest materials. Another fan­tastic device carried in pod 6 aboard Thunderbird II.
Somportex card 6 Somportex card back
This eight-wheeled, cater pillar-track driven machine is yet another marvellous invention used by Inter­national Rescue. Its primary objective is to locate objects in dense fog, sand­storms, etc., by using its infra-red sonic beam.
Somportex card 7 Somportex card back
microscopic inspection
Brains, the bespectacled, scientific genius inventor of the incredible machines and rescue equipment! He is a typical "egg-head", shy and rather hesitant in his speech.
Somportex card 8 Somportex card back
the global carrier
Globhal Carrier services International Rescue equipment on ground ope­rations. Constantly on the alert, by Video-Phone, it is vital in emergency calls.
Somportex card 9 Somportex card back
the stately home
The country home of Lady Penelope is situated in picturesque countryside and is furnished in exquisite taste, befitting one whose motto is "ele­gance, charm and deadly danger".
Somportex card 10 Somportex card back
the angler
Gone fishin'! Parker, who is Lady Penelope's chauffeur and man-ser­vant, is an off-beat Cockney. Al­though he has a prison record, he is now fully reformed.
Somportex card 11 Somportex card back
near miss
That was a near one! Lady Penelope glanced into the mirror just in time to evade the shot from the shrewd villain, the Hood. Her fingers tighten on her automatic...
Somportex card 12 Somportex card back
secret weapon
Lady Penelope, the organization's London-based agent, overcomes an attack by two of the Hood's hench­men by firing her concealed sleeping gas vapour pistol.
Somportex card 13 Somportex card back
Lady Penelope possesses an exotic wardrobe and is renowned in inter­national fashion circles for her taste and elegance in beautiful clothes. Here she is on her way to a real swinging party.
Somportex card 14 Somportex card back
computer parking
Alan's high-powered racing car being lifted into position by the auto car stacker. This automatically parks and recovers automobiles by computer selection at great speed.
Somportex card 15 Somportex card back
thunderbird IV
Underwater scout craft, on launching ramp inside pod transported by Thunderbird II. As Thunderbird II hovers over the sea, the pod is lowered, a ramp protrudes and the underwater vehicle emerges from it.
Somportex card 16 Somportex card back
sweet dreams
Alan, probably the most romantic of the sons, pilot of Thunderbird III, sleeps comfortably in his luxurious apartment.
Somportex card 17 Somportex card back
radar screen
Lady Penelope, the organization's elegant, charming, blonde London agent, following the Hood in her supercar fab1, and keeping track of her enemy on the build-in radar system.
Somportex card 18 Somportex card back
the monorail
Pacific Atlantic monorail solves the problem of fast, save and comfortable communication for earth travellers. Pressurized compartments fully air­conditioned make it very popular.
Somportex card 19 Somportex card back
the mobile crane
Highly efficient "Telescopic" arm mobile crane rumbles towards the opning hatch of Pod 6. Specification permits this amazing machine to lift four times its own weight — 50 tons.
Somportex card 20 Somportex card back
dangerous task
Alan Tracy feels beads of perspiration drip from his face as he wrestles with the controls. The dark goggles are protection against the blinding light of the solar explosions he has been viewing on the solarium.
Somportex card 21 Somportex card back
nite-hawk TX5
Thermo-nuclear bomber of World Air Forces. This massive six-engined long-range bomber is guided to its target by remote control from the ballistic missile early warning system (bmews).
Somportex card 22 Somportex card back
the monster
Thunderbird II on reconnaisance flight flashes a message back to Inter­national Rescue headquarters "This is Thunderbird II" … underwater mon­ster sighted — position: 15.7° Longi­tude – 9.6° Latitude – 16.45 World Time.
Somportex card 23 Somportex card back
oil rig
Seascape, the six-leg off-shore oilrig, exploits the discovery of an extensive reservoir of oil 7500 feet beneath the North Sea. Estimated yield, 10–50 years supply (10 million barrels).
Somportex card 24 Somportex card back
The sucker cups on the control arms produce a tremendously powerful vacuum. This, combined with the hy­draulic strength of the arm, enables Domo–Dozer to lift and support great weights.
Somportex card 25 Somportex card back
inside Thunderbird III
Astronaut Alan Tracy at the flight deck of Thunderbird III. From here, the very heart of the machine, all the screens, instruments and controls are in direct link with H.Q.
Somportex card 26 Somportex card back
the chauffeur
Parker, Lady Penelope's chauffeur, drives one of the world's most remarkable cars. The "Shocking Pink" Car, with the number plate FAB1, has many unusual accessories. A ma­chine gun projects from the famous radiator when required.
Somportex card 27 Somportex card back
the nite-hawk
Nite-Hawx TX5 taxies from the gigantic hangar to begin another long-range mission. Although manned by a crew of six, it is completely computer controlled by laser accelerated spectro beams.
Somportex card 28 Somportex card back
a launching
A new gigantic ocean-going thermo-nuclear oil tanker about to be launched. With a capacity of 150,000 tons, this vessel averages more than 50 knots per hour.
Somportex card 29 Somportex card back
the Nautilus
Anti-Missile missiles mounted forward on the on the World Navy's thermo-nuclear submarine Nautilus. Arma­ments include 16 Polaris Missiles, which are launched form beneath the sea.
Somportex card 30 Somportex card back
"Fireflash" landing at New York Air­port after a maiden round the world flight. The first atomic-powered civil aircraft in commercial use.
Somportex card 31 Somportex card back
stratospheric spy
This completely revolutionary experi­mental prototype sonic-jet carries an unmanned "Spyprobe" monojet for launching into the stratosphere to take high altitude photo reconnai­sance films. Spy­probe is powered from solar batteries which are recharged by sunlight.
Somportex card 32 Somportex card back
disaster at sea
Thunderbird II and Thunderbird I complete a successful rescue opera­tion by airlifting the trapped oilmen from the blazing oil-rig "Seascape" before it sinks beneath the waves.
Somportex card 33 Somportex card back
look out!
The workmen have fled in terror as the flame-spitting, fireball-throwing, scale-encrusted monster rises and emerges from the depths of the earth.
Somportex card 34 Somportex card back
thunderbird II
"Freighter" extraordinaire, cruises at 5000 MPH loaded with 25,000 lbs. of priceless rescue devices. Launched by dyno-ramp, or VTO. Lands by retro-rocket thrust.
Somportex card 35 Somportex card back
the hoverjet
World Army Hoverjet projects hyper space video pictures back to the War Room, World Security Headquarters.
Somportex card 36 Somportex card back
monorail station
Atomic powered overhead monorail provides transport facilities many hundreds of feet benetah the ground. This vast complex system provides intercity communication at speeds of 500 MPH.
Somportex card 37 Somportex card back
self defence
Alan has an impetuous nature and is an expert racing driver. Seen here in complete I.R. uniform, he is armed with the latest deadly automatic ray gun.
Somportex card 38 Somportex card back
condor XL6
Designed by Brains, for the personal use of his chief, Jeff Tracy, the beautiful aera-odynamic lines and variable delta wing design are unique features in ram jet aircraft.
Somportex card 39 Somportex card back
The combined resources of Interna­tional Rescue organization are deployed when Thunderbird I and Thunderbird IV unite in a dangerous sea rescue attempt.
Somportex card 40 Somportex card back
combined operation
The silver-grey Thunderbird I, piloted by Scott, contacts Gordon driving Firefly by using ultra-high frequen­cies. Always first at the scene of rescue, its object is to report from the danger zone what equipment is required.
Somportex card 41 Somportex card back
keeping cool
The Tracy family, enjoying a well-earned rest, relax by their luxurious swimming-pool. Keeping their island headquarters a secret is a vital element in the succes of the organization's activities.
Somportex card 42 Somportex card back
the "chopper"
Gyro-Copter FG-719 is unusual in that it features short clipped wings, twin booms and elevated tail piece. This unique combination offsets instability caused by air turbulence in mountain ranges.
Somportex card 43 Somportex card back
snow patrol
Gyro-Copter FG-719 especially designed for mountain terrain. Note the skis which are an important feature for mountain rescue above the snow line. Now in service with units of World Army.
Somportex card 44 Somportex card back
executive transport
The personal plane of ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, chief of International Resuce organization. The rear moun­ted ram jet engine produces speeds in excess of mach 4.
Somportex card 45 Somportex card back
the helijet
Helijet on routine patrol over the skyline of New York. This wonderful machine is fully equipped with anti-bugging devices.
Somportex card 46 Somportex card back
night life
The swinging Lady Penelope fronts a small beat group at one of London's most exclusive night clubs. With her wonderful voice, she is a smash-hit with the audience, but she is really on duty.
Somportex card 47 Somportex card back
inside thunderbird V
A close-up of the instrument panel aboard Thunderbird V, the ever alert space monitoring station. Brains has "built in" the most advanced technical know-how, a secret formula to assist emergency operations.
Somportex card 48 Somportex card back
a-hunting we wil go
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (her correct title) stands beside the Adam Fireplace above which hangs her personal heraldic coat of arms.
Somportex card 49 Somportex card back portrait
artist at work
Lady Penelope has many hidden talents, one of which is well-known in art circles throughout the world. Besides providing a diverting relax­ation it is also useful to her in the role of secret agent.
Somportex card 50 Somportex card back
deep sea security
The aquanauts of World Navy are wearing anti-radiation suits to protect them from the nuclear engines of "Nautilus". One watches the sonar­scope, while the other listens to the sonic recorder.
Somportex card 51 Somportex card back
road builder
This heavy duty, multi-purpose generator is used mainly in the construction of roads in often impas­sable regions. It not only levels, but automatically surfaces roads.
Somportex card 52 Somportex card back
solar storm
Alan operates the lever of his adjustable reclining seat of Thunder­bird III. Solar storms erupt almost without warning and it is necessary for him to be strapped into his pilot's seat to avoid possible injury.
Somportex card 53 Somportex card back
the alligators
These alligators involved Inter­national Rescue in one of its most fantastic operations ever. A very powerful chemical had been acciden­tally spilled into the river which turned the alligators into gigantic monsters.
Somportex card 54 Somportex card back
the robot
Brains, the genius responsible for the scientific apparatus, nears the com­pletion of his most daring and fan­tastic experiment yet. An almost hu­man transistorized robot man.
Somportex card 55 Somportex card back
The Hood, arch-villain, contemplates another diabolical plot to try to obtain the secrets of the wonder machines of International Rescue organization. He uses strange Voodoo powers to exert influence over his half brother, Kyrano.
Somportex card 56 Somportex card back
the conference
The War Room at World Government and Space Empire headquarters. Representatives of earth and its space empire meet to discuss problems once a month.
Somportex card 57 Somportex card back
at home
The living quarters of Jeff Tracy's island home are luxuriously furni­shed. Here the family relax and en­tertain their visitors.
Somportex card 58 Somportex card back
a game of chance
Beautiful Lady Penelope, accompa­nied by faithful manservant Parker, at the gaming tables. On duty, of course!
Somportex card 59 Somportex card back
at the controls
Scott, at the controls of Thunderbird I, is the eldest son. Fast-talking and quick-thinking, he can also cope with any emergency and is skilled at organizing rescue operations.
Somportex card 60 Somportex card back
the rock crusher
to reach trapped men quickly, rock dozer, powered by hydrogen engines which operate high speed vibrators, reduces boulders to dust.
Somportex card 61 Somportex card back
in outer space
Thunderbird III, capable of flying into space if necessary, is tracked by huge radio scanners which can show not only where the craft is at any mo­ment, but can also send high­pow­ered signals back to earth.
Somportex card 62 Somportex card back
nite-hawk TX5
Aerail view of the world's record-holding long-range bomber, leaving its enormous hangar. Its six massive "Saturn" engines produce enough energy to supply a large town.
Somportex card 63 Somportex card back
on tracy island
Hidden from prying eyes, the rescue craft are quartered inside a mountain on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific. Deep inside the rock face, Thunderbird II prepares to load Pod 5 for another dangerous mission.
Somportex card 64 Somportex card back
"doctor" gordon
International Rescue organization to the rescue again! Averting disaster aboard giant passenger plane. Gordon and Brains take over the controls and administer first aid.
Somportex card 65 Somportex card back
About to begin its maiden voyage, the 150,000 ton oil tanker cruises at 50 knots per hour. In the interest of safety, the hull is constructed in three separate sections. With a touch of a button, the captain can isolate each component.
Somportex card 66 Somportex card back
off duty
The magnificent modern villa of Jeff Tracy is an elaborate "front" for the H.Q of International Rescue.
Somportex card 67 Somportex card back
u.n. patrol
The United Nations rotary jet is widely used in jungle and swamp areas. Beneath the main section powerful hover jets support the craft over swampland or water, enabling rescuers to operate succesfully in difficult conditions.
Somportex card 68 Somportex card back
s.o.s... s.o.s.
A blazing inferno is all that remains of the oil rig, Seascape. S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S. But all drillers have been saved by International Rescue.
Somportex card 69 Somportex card back
the cameraman
Brains focusing the closed circuit television camera for relaying hyper-space video pictures.
Somportex card 70 Somportex card back
the pulverizer
Heavy road-making equipment which incorporates twin hydraulic "Crab" grabs for removing heavy obstacles. Sent into action by International Rescue whenever landslides or earthquakes occur.
Somportex card 71 Somportex card back
Red Devil is Alan Tracy's racing car powered by dyno-fan jet-propelled engine giving a topspeed of 650 MPH. The design includes a high rear stabilizing fan necessary for safety at these high speeds.
Somportex card 72 Somportex card back
the wasp
W.A.S.P. World Aquanaut Security Patrol monojet lands aboard the world's largest aircraft carrier, "John F. Kennedy", of the World Navy
Somportex card 73 Somportex card back
on test
Brains, brilliant designer of the wonder machines used by Internation Rescue organization, co-pilots Gordon on important test flight of prototype rescue craft.
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