1967 Somportex trading cards

black&white series

Somportex cards wrapper Somportex cards wrapper
Somportex cards back sides illustration
Somportex card 1
No. 1 Virgil on Thunderbird 1 pilot's ramp.
Shute folds to convert to pilot's seat.
Somportex card 2
No. 2 John answers distress call on his high
secret frequency band remote radio mike.
Somportex card 3
No. 3 Thunderbird 2 landing on retro jets at London Airport.
Somportex card 4
No. 4 Hood invoking his strange hoodoo
powers over Kyrano, his half brother.
Somportex card 5
No. 5 Fire Flash about to take off on maiden flight from
London Airport to Tokyo. Passenger capacity 600.