Somportex trading cards

black&white series

Somportex cards wrapper Somportex cards wrapper
Somportex cards back sides illustration
Somportex card 1
No. 1 Virgil on Thunderbird 1 pilot's ramp.
Shute folds to convert to pilot's seat.
Somportex card 2
No. 2 John answers distress call on his high
secret frequency band remote radio mike.
Somportex card 3
No. 3 Thunderbird 2 landing on retro jets at London Airport.
Somportex card 4
No. 4 Hood invoking his strange hoodoo
powers over Kyrano, his half brother.
Somportex card 5
No. 5 Fire Flash about to take off on maiden flight from
London Airport to Tokyo. Passenger capacity 600.
Somportex card 6
No. 6 Hood's exotic Eastern temple.
Somportex card 7
No. 7 Lady Penelope's country home.
Somportex card 8
No. 8 Brains, Scott and Virgil plan rescue operation
to rescue Sidewinder.
Somportex card 9
No. 9 Hood in one of his many disguises places an auto–bomb in the
hydraulic landing gear of the worlds fastest airliner 'Fire Flash'
Somportex card 10
No. 10 Scott on the revolving floor section
preparing to enter gantry for the control
panel of Thunderbird 1.
Somportex card 11
No. 11 Brains, scientific genius, inventor of
all International Rescue machines. Very shy.
Somportex card 12
No. 12 Monitoring control on ever alert secret
space station – Thunderbird 5.
Somportex card 13
No. 13 Thunderbird 2 leaving its secret mountain quarters ready
for blast off. Palm trees fold back to allow for wing span.
Somportex card 14
No. 14 Thunderbid 1 with all systems go streaking
on a mission at 7,500 m.p.h.
Somportex card 15
No. 15 Thunderbird 3 blasts off from beneath
round house on Tracy Island.
Somportex card 16
No. 16 Thunderbird 1. Leading rescue rocket.
Length 115' – wing span 80' – diameter 12'.
Somportex card 17
No. 17 Thunderbird 3 interplanetary space rescue rocket. 200' long.
Somportex card 18
No. 18 Thunderbird 1 making a soft landing with use of
retro-jets at London Airport.
Somportex card 19
No. 19 Jeff Tracy ex–astronaut now head of
International rescue at H.Q. monitor.
Somportex card 20
No. 20 Mobile swimming pool concealing launching pad for
Thunderbird 1 on Tracy Island.
Somportex card 21
No. 21 Thunderbird 2 unloading pod 3 containing radio
controlled elevator cars.
Somportex card 22
No. 22 Thunderbird 4 on underwater rescue mission using
extremely powerful searchlight.
Somportex card 23
No. 23 Thunderbird 2 heavy rescue rocket cruising at 5,000 m.p.h.
Wingspan 180' – height 60'
Somportex card 24
No. 24 John Tracy on the space monitor is
ready to listen in to all world
radio communications.
Somportex card 25
No. 25 Thunderbird 5 ever alert space station
monitoring post. The receiver automatically
translates distress signals into English.
Somportex card 26
No. 26 Earth drilling Mole transported in Thunderbird 2 – pod 2.
Somportex card 27
No. 27 Lady Penelope's luxury ocean going yacht – FAB 2
Somportex card 28
No. 28 Tracy family living quarters on remote and mysterious
Tracy Island somewhere in the Pacific.
Somportex card 29
No. 29 The round house – Tracy library hiding launching pad
for Thunderbird 3.
Somportex card 30
No. 30 Lady Penelope's FAB 1 Rolls Royce. The world's
most elegant car.
Somportex card 31
No. 31 Jeff Tracy briefing his team for another
International Rescue mission.
Somportex card 32
No. 32 Thunderbird 3 rendez–vous with Thunderbird 5 using auto
entry tube to relieve John Tracy from one month's duty rotation.
Somportex card 33
No. 33 Heli-jet landing at scene of rescue in hostile terrain.
Somportex card 34
No. 34 Thunderbird 4 destroys enemy nuclear submarine.
Somportex card 35
No. 35 Scott at the controls of Thunderbird 1
control levers operate vertical and
horizontal flight positions.
Somportex card 36
No. 36 Scott guides remote control elevator cars 2, 3 and 4
by V.H.F. monitors on car 1.
Somportex card 37
No. 37 Thunderbird 3 launching gantry beneath the round house.
Somportex card 38
No. 38 International Rescue headquarters lounge. This room
converts to their International Rescue operations room
Somportex card 39
No. 39 Kyrano. Jeff Tracy's loyal servant and
yet Hoods half brother.
Somportex card 40
No. 40 Interior of FAB 1 Lady Penelope's luxury Rolls Royce
with chauffeur – body guard – manservant Parker.
Somportex card 41
No. 41 John Tracy. Controller of the space
monitor Thunderbird 5. Very patient.
Somportex card 42
No. 42 Aquanaut Gordon Tracy co–pilot of
Thunderbird 2 and driver of Thunderbird 4.
Somportex card 43
No. 43 Astronaut Alan Tracy. Pilot of
Thunderbird 3 who is also an expert
racing driver.
Somportex card 44
No. 44 Lady Penelope's FAB 1 Rolls Royce outside the
round house on Tracy Island.
Somportex card 45
No. 45 Virgil Tracy. Pilot of Thunderbird 2.
Reliable and steady. In charge of
priceless rescue equipment.
Somportex card 46
No. 46 Scott Tracy. Pilot of Thunderbird 1.
Chief rescue organiser. Eldest son of Jeff.
Fast thinking and quick actioned.
Somportex card 47
No. 47 The Hood. Arch enenmy of International
Rescue. Master of disguise.
Somportex card 48
No. 48 Thunderbird 4, underwater and ocean going
rescue and scout craft
Somportex card 49
No. 49 Heli–jet with police patrol over the roof of
top security government building.
Somportex card 50
No. 50 Jeff Tracy one of the first men to land
on the moon and now founder member
of International Resue
Somportex card 51
No. 51 Lady Penelope. International Rescue's
elegant secret agent based in London.
Somportex card 52
No. 52 Parker. Lady Penelope's trusted servant.
Driver of FAB1. Reformed ex-convict.
Somportex card 53
No. 53 Virgil at controls of elevator car
also controlling other cars by radio.
Somportex card 54
No. 54 Hood in hoodoo trance casting hypnotic
Somportex card 55
No. 55 Tin-Tin (a Malaysian name meaning
'sweet') daughter of Kyrano.
Somportex card 56
No. 56 International Rescue's mobile control monitor in
operation at London Airport.
Somportex card 57
No. 57 TX-204 multi-jet freighter on routine patrol. Equipment
includes latest anti–missile missiles.
Somportex card 58
No. 58 This advanced proto-type FX-904 vertical lift heli-jet is
capable of enourmous weight lifting capability and
speeds of up to Mach 2.
Somportex card 59
No. 59 The use of a hover scooter enables Scott to obtain
maximum mobility even when he is grounded.
Somportex card 60
No. 60 The Thunderizer. This blast gun contains a dynamatic
unit producing immense electric discharges more
powerful than lightning.
Somportex card 61
No. 61 WN1 – nuclear powered atom-sub is used by Hood to trail
aquanaut Gordon Tracy to the depths of the pacific ocean.
Somportex card 62
No. 62 Fireflash, the world's fastest and largest airliner. The
revolutionary fission turbines produce 3 million lbs.
thrust giving a cruising speed of 5000 m.p.h.
Somportex card 63
No. 63 Firefly is frequently called into operation by
International Rescue. The atomic neutrons are concentrated
into a single cell which when fired disintegrates solid matter.
Somportex card 64
No. 64 Skyhawk all weather interceptor. Maximum speed 9,500 m.p.h.
Variable wing design. Armoury: anti–solarium cannon 108 mm.
Somportex card 65
No. 65 The anti–meteorite satellite on patrol was launched
from Cape Kennedy to form part of the early warning system.
Somportex card 66
No. 66 The mobile laser ray. I.R. 3 can penetrate any known
material. Sunrays are bombarded with electrons to produce
immense cutting power.
Somportex card 67
No. 67 WN 1 – The Hood's atom sub aboard the 8 wheeler
hydraulic transporter equipped to provide launching facilites.
Somportex card 68
No. 68 Sunprobe, the incredible space rocket with secret
heleotomic booster motor mounted on gantry assist.
Somportex card 69
No. 69 Sunprobe at final countdown. This
massive rocket is fired by remote control
from the traction platform.
Somportex card 70
No. 70 Lady Penelope's luxurious Rolls Royce FAB 1 conceals a
deadly weapon behind the famous radiator.
Somportex card 71
No. 71 This multi purpose heavy duty global carrier provides
maintainance for the International Rescue organisation.
Somportex card 72
No. 72 World T.V. hoverjet projects hyper–space video
pictures direct to I.R. headquarters.