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Thunderbirds Are Go! quad poster
Film © 1966, released by United Artists
release date December 12, 1966 map icon

Production Team

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
David Lane
Associate Producer
John Read
Assistant to the Executive Producer
Norman Foster
Supervising Art Director
Bob Bell
Art Director
Grenville Nott

Visual Effects

Derek Meddings
Main Unit
Shaun Whittacker-Cook
Lighting Camera Man
Harry Oakes
Camera Operators
Ted Cutlack, Richard Conway
Second Unit
Peter Wragg
Lighting Camera Man
Ted Fowler
Camera Operators
Rob Gallifant, Ron Ashdown
Music composer and director
Barry Gray
Len Walters
George Randall
Supervising Model Builder
Ray Brown
Property Builders
Tony Dunstenville, Plugg Shutt
Property Master
Arthur Cripps

Character Animation

Lighting Camera Man
Paddy Seale
Camera Operator
Alan Perry
Character Operators
Christine Granville, Mary Turner
Assisted by
Judith Shutt, Wanda Webb
Supervising Sculptor
John F. Brown
Assisted by
Terry Curtis, Tim Cooksey
Wardrobe Mistress
Betty Coleman
Zena Relph

Voice Artists

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Sylvia Anderson
John Tracy, The Hood, Controller Glenn Field
Ray Barrett
Greg Martin
Alexander Davior
Jeff Tracy
Peter Dyneley
Christine Finn
Brains, Gordon Tracy, Parker
David Graham
Paul Travers
Paul Maxwell
Dr. Pierce
Neil McCallum
Brad Newman
Bob Monkhouse
Scott Tracy
Shane Rimmer
Dr. Grant, Public Relations Officer
Charles Tingwell
Angry Young Man, President Exploration Centre, Virgil Tracy
Jeremy Wilkin
Alan Tracy, Messenger
Matt Zimmerman

Shooting Star sung by Cliff Richard, written and accompanied by The Shadows
Instrumental Lady Penelope written and played by The Shadows

The Producers gratefully acknowledge the co-operation of:
Space Colonel Harris of the Martian Exploration Centre, Cape Johnson
Commander Casey – Commander-in-Chief Glenn Field
Jim Glenn – President of the New World Aircraft Corporation
designers and manufacturers of the Zero-X craft
without whose help this motion picture would not have been possible.

Martian sequences filmed by:
Century 21 Space Location Unit