Thunderbird 1 cutaway drawing Thunderbird 1 pilot area Thunderbird 1 motor assembly
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Ram jet thrust pipes [see below]
Engine housing [see below]
Cooling fins
Atomic pile in sandwich shielding
Rocket propellant and pumps
Rear pitch-and-yaw jets centered in air intakes [at high speed and in thin air normal control surfaces are inoperative]
Turbojet fuel tanks
Central services duct
Folding wing slot of girder section gives great strength to fuselage
Centrally placed VTOL rocket with fuel
Folding wing, contains landing leg
Auxiliary motors and batteries
Braced wing hinge member and hydraulic ram controlling wing angle
Life support systems, including oxygen bottles and air recycling equipment
Pressure bulkhead
Air recycle main duct
Motor-driven circular plate in bulkhead, supporting pilot seat
Entry/exit hatch with folding ladder for use when landed horizontally
Pilot area [see below]
Refrigerated hull
Instrument and check computers
Retractable destructor cannon [normally used for demolition of dangerous wreckage, &c.]
Forward pitch-and-yaw jets
Probes and sensors inside shockwave heat cone
Control panel, all systems are automated where possible to simplify the pilot's tremendous task at high velocity; the system's check lights are at the top, at centre the multipurpose TV screen on which can be projected route maps, touchdown viewing and normal communication
Thrust and flight controls, mounted on the arms of the chair
Swing seat, alters position to keep the pilot upright during change from vertical to horizontal flight
Ramjet intake from four outer ports
Heat exchanger; molten metal circulated from A-pile [see above] passes heat to rammed air which exhausts at ramjet thrust pipes at left
Ramjet thrust pipe
Ramjet thrust pipe
Central column separating engines from fuselage
One of four inner front ports intakes air which passes to compressors and heat exchanger
One of four inner front ports intakes air which passes to compressors and heat exchanger
Pipes serving heat exchangers
Heat exchanger for turbojet
Turbojet turbines
Centrally mounted high performance sustainer rocket
Jet exhaust ports
Fuel line
Booster rocket; one of four used for take-off
Exhaust ports of booster rockets
Cooling fins conduct excess heat from motors in thin upper atmosphere [see above]

Technical specifications published originally in Thunderbirds 1966 Annual,
later reprinted in Dutch Albert Heyn Codes and Extra 3 Album

Thunderbird 1 blueprint
Phil Rae's Thunderbird 1 blueprint published originally in SIG #7
©1983 Philip D. Rae
Thunderbird 1 side
Side elevation
Thunderbird 1 front
Front elevation
Thunderbird 1 plan
Thunderbird 1 rear
Rear elevation

Elevations published originally in Thunderbirds model sheet, later reprinted in Dutch Albert Heyn Codes

Thunderbird 1
Technical Specifications
name: Thunderbird 1
designer: Derek Meddings
other data: launch bay
launch sequence