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Thunderbird 2

launch bay

Thunderbird 2 launch bay
Thunderbird 2 launch bay clickable map
Taking into account the nature of Thunderbird 2, Brains decided against a vertical take-off craft. The launch bay therefore bears some resemblance to a conventional hangar, but the resemblance ends when one considers the details which, like all Thunderbirds equipment, are ahead of their time.
Thunderbird 2 launch bay A
A the spout (1) protruding from the central girder houses the retractable covered chute (2) down which Virgil slides on his way to the cockpit of Thunderbird 2 (3).
Thunderbird 2 launch bay B
B The 'main office'. (1) Access from the gallery below. (2) Flight information panel linked to the main computer (3) which also serves the analogue selection panel which can be used to determine the use of equipment at any given disaster. (5) Plastiglass covers the front and sides of the control galleries giving soundproofing and protection in the event of an accidental explosion. (6) Tell-tale panel shows the state of all the equipment in the hangar. (7) Is a duplicate of the main control dials in Thunderbird 2 used for testing purposes and (8) is the manual control desk used for positioning pods, etc.
Thunderbird 2 launch bay E
E Fuel line (1). Reverse flow feedback lines (2). Fuel blending drum (3). Pump (4). Shield over retracted fuel distributor booms (5). Cylinders of inert gas discharge automatically in case of fire creating a non-flammable atmosphere in the vicinity of the likely flash points while the warning beacon (6) bathes the whole bay in red light in the event of a mechanical emergency.
Launch bay specifications originally published in Thunderbirds 1967 Annual