Thunderbird 3 cutaway drawing Thunderbird 3 dock Thunderbird 3 lounge
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Chemical rocket explosion chamber; chemical rockets are used for take-off and boost
Gate seal blocking off particle accelerator from explosion chamber when chemical rockets are firing
Particle accelerator
Particle gun; once escape velocity is reached, the three particle accelerators provide a steady continuous acceleration by means of an exhaust stream of atomic particles
Radiant cooling fins
Ring of pitch-and-yaw jets
Propellant tanks for main motors, helium pressurised
Ring of atomic electricity generators provide power for particle accelerators and auxiliaries
Shielding protecting entry tunnel through which ramp-operated seat 'loads' crew
Flywheel rotor assemblage; the spinning flywheel makes the ship turn in the opposite direction which is more economical for course correction than pitch-and-yaw jets
Retro rockets
Retro rockets fuel
Sensors for guiding Thunderbird 3 to lock on position when docking with Thunderbird 5
Additional retro rockets
Entry tunnel, used in flight as an air-reservoir
Lift to upper decks
Ramp-entry chair, centered in the lounge
Bunks – sleeping accommodation
Twin-walled hull at this point for extra meteor protection; All such spare spaces such as this are filled with propellant
Essential life-support services (air-recycle pumps, heating, etc.) under the floor
Stores level
Twin-seat pilot position
Flight computers serving console below
Domed bulkhead of inner 'living space' capsule (pressurised)
Sensors, accelerometers and other flight instruments
Forward pitch-and-yaw correction jets
Hangar, Thunderbird 5
Sensors on the ring on Thunderbird 3 guide the nose into the docking port
Electro magnets clamp the ring of Thunderbird 3 to form an airtight seal; air is then pumped into the hangar to correct pressure and a warning light informs the pilot that it is safe to open
Exit hatch
Ramp into the satellite
Airlock door to inspection platform
Ramp entry seat
Air duct
Library of microfilms
Intercom speaker
Monitor screen
Lift to other floors

Technical specifications published originally in Thunderbirds 1966 Annual,
later reprinted in Dutch Albert Heyn Codes and Extra 3 Album

Thunderbird 3 blueprint
Bill Earle's Thunderbird 3 blueprint
published originally in SIG #18
©1987 Bill Earle
Thunderbird 3 reverse plan
Reverse Plan
Thunderbird 3 plan
Thunderbird 3 front
Front elevation
Thunderbird 3 rear
Rear elevation

Elevations published originally in Thunderbirds model sheet, later reprinted in Dutch Albert Heyn Codes

Thunderbird 3
Technical Specifications
name: Thunderbird 3
designer: Derek Meddings
other data: launch bay
launch sequence