Thunderbird 4 cutaway drawing
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Steering vanes in side nacelle control diving and surfacing.
Vanes in top nacelle work as rudder.
Twin atomic generators provide motive power for main drive; the smaller 'mini-pile' at the rear works auxiliaries and superheats air for the port and starboard jet engines
Small jet engines, port and starboard, normally watertight sealed, are used for surface cruising.
Battery of rocket tubes used to launch Thunderbird 4.
Main turbo drive.
One of six drive turbos that are used when submerged; these nacelles can be sealed, pumped dry and used as flotation chambers in an emergency.
Intake for surface jets – retracts when not in use.
Grille systems prevent intake of anything that might damage turbines.
Auxiliary controls mounted on the rear bulkhead.
Telescopic 'Autolock' provides underwater exit.
Mechanism controlling position of lighting trough.
Lighting trough.
Cable gear for tilting trough to required angle
Electronic bar' light source set in parabolic reflector trough
Lighting trough in raised position
Solenoid ram loads missiles from
Conveyor into
Firing tube; missiles are mainly used for underwater demolition
Hydraulic ram in extended position
Central ram carrying interchangeable tool heads
Port ram works independently of starboard if required
Thunderbird 4 cockpit
Pilot seat and control console

Technical specifications published originally in Thunderbirds 1966 Annual,
later reprinted in Dutch Albert Heyn Codes and Extra 3 Album

Thunderbird 4 blueprint
Bill Earle's Thunderbird 4 blueprint
© Bill Earle
Thunderbird 4 side
Side elevation
Thunderbird 4 plan
Thunderbird 4 reverse plan
Reverse plan
Thunderbird 4 front
Front Elevation
Thunderbird 4 rear
Rear elevation

Elevations published originally in Thunderbirds model sheet and Dutch Albert Heyn Codes

Thunderbird 4
Technical Specifications
name: Thunderbird 4
designer: Derek Meddings
other data: launch sequence