XUL tricks

Looking at Mozilla's Components

Using Mozilla (or any other Gecko-based browser) it is possible to look at the components of Mozilla by entering the component's specification into the URL widget.

(Note: The following directions work under Linux with Mozilla 1.0.1 installed. If you're using different software, then you'll have to adjust accordingly.)

cd /usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.1/chrome; ls *.jar
You'll see the packages that make up Mozilla. You can use the
unzip -l
command to see the files that make up these packages. For example:
unzip -l some-jar-file | grep "xul$"
spits out a list of the form
    some-size  some-date some-time   content/some-component/some-xul-file
To see the page that this file describes, point your browser to
You can even stick the browser window inside the browser window by entering:
And then, of course, you can put a browser window inside of that one, and another browser inside of that one, and so on, and so forth.

Launching Mozilla without its Chrome

You can launch a Mozilla application without bothering to install it in the chrome directory by supplying the URL on the command line.
mozilla -chrome http://www2.axian.com/~ali/xul/top.xul
mozilla -chrome file:///home/ali/xul/top.xul