BODY line height should be 1.5 [1.5 what?] while all Ps should be justify aligned, contrary to the few SPANs and DIVs that are to be found in this page.

Font size is 120% in this relative DIV, while this relative SPAN should be offset 1 px in color aa6005 with a 900 font weight and this relative SPAN has capitalized text.
This DIV also has 120% font size while this SPAN has a 1px offset and a font weight of 900 [900 what?] and the DIV continues here.

This line should have a drop cap first letter, set in the HEAD of this file. Here is some more text to see if the lines of text really flow 'around' the first letter without having to rescale the browser window so that it truly can be called a 'drop-cap'.

The first line of this P should be all small caps, set in the HEAD of this file. And here is some more text. It doesn't actually convey any information, it is just here to fill out this paragraph so we can force a soft line break without having to rescale the window.

Here we have a link which doesn't do anything useful. It is just here to demonstrate the A:hover, text and click properties.

And here is yet some more text to demonstrate the 'display' attribute of the previous paragraph; click the link above to see it in action.