This bash script records an hour's worth of Stadsradio den haag's broadcast stream. Copy it to a file, give it an appropriate name, make it executable and put it in a cron job.

If you want to record another stream, change the STREAM variable accordingly

If you want to record for a shorter or longer period, change the value in the sleep 60m line to something else.

By default, the recording is saved in WAV format as tonkaYYYYmmddHHMM.wav [e.g. tonka201104120200.wav] on your desktop; if you want to change any of this, look at the DUMPDIR and OUTFILE variables.

#! /bin/bash

   DATE=$(date +%Y%m%d)
   TIME=$(date +%H%M)
OUTFILE=tonka$DATE$TIME.wav   # add time stamp to enable multiple recordings on the same day




mplayer $STREAM \
        -ao pcm:fast:waveheader:file=$OUTFILE \
        -nocache \
        -vc dummy -vo null &

sleep 60m

kill $!     # End the most recently backgrounded job = mplayer